Extraordinary Alumnae

St. Mary’s Academy Alumnae Are Enriching Our Communities and Our World

St. Mary’s graduates give back to their communities as evidenced by the variety of career and life choices they make and the leadership they demonstrate within their chosen vocations and professions. Among its 10,000 alumnae, St. Mary’s Academy boasts representatives in positions from United States District Judge and internationally celebrated musicians, to Peace Corps volunteers around the globe.  Here are a very few examples of the kinds of things alumnae are doing:


  • Mary Jackson Sammons ’64, Chairperson and former president and CEO of Rite-Aid
  • Pat Haslach ’74, US State Department Ambassador serving worldwide
  • Kiana Anvaripour '99, Entrepreneur, designer and creator of ResultWear
  • Terrie Buell Lora '90, US State Department Diplomatic Security Service
  • Pat Murphy Bradach '80, Senior Director of Global Operations for Nike, Jordan Brand
  • Deanna Hotchkiss Agostinelli ’83 Engineer at Intel
  • Malia Haley Wasson ’77, Former president of US Bank in Oregon & Southwest Washington
  • Tifani Jones Parrilli ’82, Immigration attorney
  • Tracy Poe ’86, Philanthropist and advocate for international human rights
  • Kate Lilley ’04, Teach-For-America teacher
  • Genny Nelson ’70, Founder of Sisters of the Road Café
  • Anna Jaeger Brown ’70, United States District Judge
  • Helen Carney Miller ’79, Founder of Oregon’s Medical Disaster Team
  • Erin Walsh ’79, Instrumental in US-Middle East partnership for breast cancer education
  • Patricia Kramer ’69, Geneticist and professor at OHSU
  • Maria Fleming ’83, St. Mary's Academy religion teacher and student service coordinator
  • Brittney Ryan ’73, Author of Holly Claus books, endorsed by actress Julie Andrews
  • MJ Anderson ’71, Internationally recognized sculptor
  • Jennifer Mills ’92, Senior video game designer for Disney's Playdom 


St. Mary’s Academy alumnae make a difference in their communities and in our world as dedicated teachers, doctors, nurses, bankers, business owners, attorneys, good wives and mothers, community volunteers and strong women of faith.

Enthusiastic and copious alumnae involvement at St. Mary’s demonstrates how graduates appreciate the many ways their St. Mary’s education has benefitted them.  With gratitude and hope for future generations, they want to ensure that St. Mary’s remains a viable option for young women.  Alumnae can be found at St. Mary’s events, fundraisers, in the classroom, on the playing field, mentoring students and serving on the Board of Directors and the Alumnae Council.

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