FORECASTING TIMELINE – 2014-2015 Academic Year

Departments begin process to identify students recommended for Math, Science, Honors and AP classes
Feb. 19 - Forecasting begins in TA
Note: Forecasting is done electronically through Schoolmaster

Feb. 19 - March 12 is the actual forecasting window

March 6 - Deadline for students to submit forecasting sheets (signatures, money, etc.) to their TA
March 7-12  (or earlier if student and TA are ready) - Students/TAs input forecasting information (Option: TAs may use lab & classroom computers)
March 13 - TAs to submit hard copy registration and forecasting sheets, as a complete TA packet, to Registrar
March 14 - Letters of acceptance to Class of 2018 mailed

April 1 - Attendance confirmations due from Class of 2018
Week of April 7 - Forecasting packets received by Class of 2018 (SMA mailing April 4)
April 17 - 2018 Forecasting packets due back to Registrar
April 26 & 28 - Foreign Language and Math Placement Exams given to Class of 2018 students

Week of May 5 - Placement Test results mailed to Class of 2018

June 20 - Report cards mailed 
July 2014 – 2014-2015 schedules mailed

Click here to view the 2014-2015 course catalog
Class of 2015 Forecasting Packet
Class of 2016 Forecasting Packet
Class of 2017 Forecasting Packet
Forecasting Worksheet
Form for Non-Returning Students

Forecasting advice from College Counselor's for TA's Spring 2014

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