FORECASTING TIMELINE – 2015-2016 Academic Year

DECEMBER AND JANUARY  - Departments begin sharing with students the process for applying or qualifying for honors/AP classes using their Department

18Forecasting begins in TA 
Note: Forecasting is done electronically through Schoolmaster.

05Deadline for students to submit forecasting sheets (signatures, money, etc.) to their TA 
06-11  Students/TA’s input forecasting information (Option:  TA’s may use lab & classroom computers (or earlier if student and TA are ready)
12TA’s submit hard copy registration and forecasting sheets to Registrar
13Letters of acceptance to Class of 2019 mailed

01Attendance Confirmations due from Class of 2019
08Welcome Night for incoming freshmen and their parents (forecasting packets received at that time)
11World Language and Math Placement exams - Freshmen forecasting due

Wk of 4th  Placement results mailed to Class of 2019

20Reports cards mailed

2016-2017  Schedules mailed

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Class of 2016 Forecasting Packet
Class of 2017 Forecasting Packet
Class of 2018 Forecasting Packet
Forecasting Worksheet
Form for Non-Returning Students

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