Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may be contacted by phone at 503.228.8306 or via email addresses below. You may also send email to webmaster@smapdx.org.  Please address the subject line to the specific person.




Fine Arts
World Languages
Information Science
Physical Education and Health
Social Science

Office Support
Food Services


St. Mary's Academy Administrative Team

Christina Friedhoff, President [chris.friedhoff@smapdx.org]

  • BS Psychology, Lewis & Clark College

Kelli Clark, Principal [kelli.clark@smapdx.org]

  • BA Communications, Washington State University
  • MAT, Lewis & Clark College

Emily Niedermeyer Becker '86, Vice President for Development [emily.becker@smapdx.org]

  • SMA Alumna
  • BA Politics, Whitman College 

    Alena Kelly, Assistant Principal of Academics [alena.kelly@smapdx.org]

    • BS Secondary Education, History, University of Portland
    • MST History, Portland State University

      Nicole Foran, Assistant Principal of Student Life [nicole.foran@smapdx.org]

      • BA English, California State University
      • M.Ed. Portland State University


      St. Mary's Academy Faculty

      Michele Taylor, Student Activities Director [michele.taylor@smapdx.org]

      • BS Sports Science and Program Management, Colorado State University
      • MA Public Administration, Portland State University


      Anna Maria Lopez '78, Athletic Director [annamaria.lopez@smapdx.org]

      • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
      • BA Physical Education, University of Southern California
      • MA Teaching, Portland State University
      • 2001 Oregon 4A Athletic Director of the Year
      • 2001 Oregon Athletic Coaches 4A Female Coach of the Year
      • 2003 St. Mary's Academy Award Recipient
      • 2009 Inducted into Oregon Sports Hall of Fame

        Falisha Wright, Assistant Athletic Director [falisha.wright@smapdx.org]

        • BA Public Administration, San Diego State University

        Counseling Department

          Meg Bowman, College Counseling Assistant [meg.bowman@smapdx.org]

          • BA History & English Literature, University of Washington

          Kimberly Crouch, Ph.D., College Counselor [kimberly.crouch@smapdx.org]

          • BA, British History, University of the South
          • MA, Modern History, University of Oxford
          • Ph.D., British History, University of Oxford

            Carolyn Gazeley [carolyn.gazeley@smapdx.org]

            • B.A., Economics and Psychology, Claremont McKenna College
            • M.B.A., Stanford University Graduate School of Business
            • Certificate in College Counseling, University of California at Los Angeles

            Ellie Gilbert [ellie.gilbert@smapdx.org]

            • B.S. Secondary Education, Lubbock Christian University
            • M.Ed., Lewis & Clark College 
            • Learning Center Teacher

             Anne Hagge, Counselor [anne.hagge@smapdx.org]

            • BSW, Portland State University
            • MSW, Portland State University

              Christine Moller, Learning Center Teacher [chris.moller@smapdx.org]

              • BA, German, Math Ed., Purdue University
              • National Honor Society Tutoring Coordinator

                 Amy Romm, Counselor [amy.romm@smapdx.org]

                • BA Psychology and Elementary Education, University of Pennsylvania
                • MS Ed School Counseling, Muhlenberg College

                Allison Spector, Counselor [allison.spector@smapdx.org]

                • BA Psychology, Lewis and Clark College
                • BA Hispanic Studies, Lewis and Clark College
                • MA Social Work, Portland State University

                English Department

                  Francesca Englert Cronan '00, Team Lead [francesca.cronan@smapdx.org]

                  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                  • BA English, Occidental College
                  • M.Ed., Portland State University

                  Sara Salvi '71 [sara.salvi@smapdx.org]

                  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                  • BA English, University of California Davis
                  • Higher Degree, University of Dublin Trinity College
                  • MAT English and Spanish, Reed College
                  • Faculty Professional Development Coordinator 

                    Kirk Ellis [kirk.ellis@smapdx.org]

                    • BS Theatre Arts, Portland State University
                    • MA English, Portland State University
                    • M.Ed., Portland State University

                      Ellie Gilbert [ellie.gilbert@smapdx.org]

                      • B.S. Secondary Education, Lubbock Christian University
                      • M.Ed., Lewis & Clark College

                      Anne Hainley  [anne.hainley@smapdx.org]

                      • BA Liberal Arts, University of Notre Dame
                      • M.Ed., University of Notre Dame

                      Carrie Housley [carrie.housley@smapdx.org]

                      • BA English, Willamette University
                      • MA English, University of Washington

                      Mary Maeve Barrett [mary.barrett@smapdx.org]

                      • BA English, Mansfield University
                      • BA Women’s Studies, Mansfield University
                      • Education certification, Mansfield University

                      Ashley Whitty '02 [ashley.whitty@smapdx.org]

                      • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                      • BA English, University of Oregon
                      • MAT Secondary Education in English, Lewis and Clark College
                      • MA English, Portland State University

                      Fine Arts Department

                      Kathy Briggs, Team Lead [kathy.briggs@smapdx.org]

                      • MA Music Education, University of St. Thomas
                      • BA Music Education, University of Wisconsin
                      • Director, Marian Singers

                      Steve Colley [steve.colley@smapdx.org]

                      • BA Art Education, University of Alaska
                      Kara Girod Shuster [kara.shuster@smapdx.org]
                    • BA Dance, Loyola Marymount University 
                    • Professional training - ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop and rumba
                      • Ashley McCullar [ashley.mccullar@smapdx.org]

                        • BFA Piano Performance, Carnegie Mellon

                        Kathy Mitchell '64 [kathy.mitchell@smapdx.org]

                        • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                        • BA Elementary Education, Marylhurst University
                        • MAT Art, Lewis & Clark College

                        Shannon More [shannon.more@smapdx.org]

                        • BA, Carroll College
                        • MFA Directing, Minnesota State University
                        • Theatre Director

                        Judy Parker [judy.parker@smapdx.org]

                        • BA Music, Oberlin Conservatory

                        World Languages Department

                        Dena Stock-Marquez, Team Lead [dena.stock-marquez@smapdx.org]

                        • BA Spanish, Portland State University
                        • MAT Spanish, Portland State University

                        Maron Faulkner [maron.faulkner@smapdx.org]

                        • BA French, Colorado College
                        • MA French, New York University

                          Ben Peterson [ben.peterson@smapdx.org]

                          • BA English and the Classics, University of Oregon
                          • MA Classics, University of Oregon

                          Art Rojas [art.rojas@smapdx.org]

                          • BA Spanish, Whitman College

                          Marsi Thelin [marsi.thelin@smapdx.org]

                          • BA French, University of Oregon
                          • MA French, University of California, Santa Barbara

                          Shannon Sonn [shannon.sonn@smapdx.org

                          • BA English Literature, Georgetown University
                          • MA American Studies, Columbia University

                          Information Science Department

                          Alyssa Tormala, Team Lead [alyssa.tormala@smapdx.org]

                          • B.A. English and B.A. Journalism, University of Utah
                          • JD Stanford University
                          • M.Ed., Portland State University  

                          Michael Bojorquez, Technical Support Specialist [mike.bojorquez@smapdx.org]

                          • BS Social Science, Portland State University
                          • Head Coach Cross Country
                          • Head Coach Track & Field

                          Shawn Daley, Innovation Director [shawn.daley@smapdx.org]

                          • BA History, Loyola University
                          • MAT Secondary Education, George Fox University
                          • MA History, Portland State University

                          Cindy Daniels '71, Librarian [cindy.daniels@smapdx.org]

                          • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                          • BS Elementary Education, Western Oregon State College
                          • MLS Library Science, University of Washington

                          Brette Doyle, Technology Director [brette.doyle@smapdx.org]

                          • Microsoft Certified Professional
                          • I3 Certified Systems Administrator
                          • United States Army Veteran

                          Beverly Kiesel, Information Science Instructor [beverly.kiesel@smapdx.org]

                          • BS Business Education, Oregon State University
                          • MST Business Education, Portland State University

                          Mathematics Department

                          Ellen Tevik, Team Lead [ellen.tevik@smapdx.org]

                          • BA Mathematics, University of Oregon
                          • MAT Advanced Math, Oregon State University
                          Mike Bedney, Jr. [mike.bedney@smapdx.org]
                          • BS Mathematics, Oregon State University
                          • MS Mathematics Education, Oregon State University

                          Cynthia Berger [cynthia.berger@smapdx.org]

                          • BS Mathematics, Montana State University
                          • M.Ed Math Education, Eastern Washington University

                          Cynthia Heller [cynthia.heller@smapdx.org]

                          • BS Mathematics, Portland State University

                          Brian Kelley [brian.kelley@smapdx.org]

                          • BA Religion, College of William and Mary
                          • MAT Mathematics, Concordia University

                          Rachel Gardner [rachel.gardner@smapdx.org]

                          • BA Math, Gonzaga University
                          • BA Spanish, Gonzaga University
                          • MAT Teaching, Concordia University

                          Mary Clare Metscher [maryclare.metscher@smapdx.org]

                          • BS Secondary Education, University of Portland

                          Physical Education and Health Department

                          Jamie Gabbert, Team Lead [jamie.gabbert@smapdx.org]

                          • BS Physical Education, St. Cloud State University
                          • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CSCS
                          Janet Robertson '80 [janet.robertson@smapdx.org]
                          • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                          • BS Health and Physical Education, Gonzaga University
                          • M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction, City University

                            Carrie Yerton [carrie.yerton@smapdx.org]

                            • BS Kinesiology, Humboldt State University
                            • MAT, Concordia University
                            • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

                            Theology Department

                            Patty Gorman, Team Lead [patty.gorman@smapdx.org]

                            • BA Religious Studies, Gonzaga University
                            • Teaches Introduction to Faith and Religion, and Psychology
                            • Model United Nations advisor

                              Maria Fleming '83 [maria.fleming@smapdx.org]

                              • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                              • BA Spanish Language and Literature, Santa Clara University
                              • M.Div., University of Notre Dame
                              • M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction Methods, Concordia University

                              James Haster [jim.haster@smapdx.org]

                              • BA Theology, Creighton University
                              • MA Theological Studies, University of New York
                              • M.Th Theology, University of New York

                              Daniel Hemmen [daniel.hemmen@smapdx.org]

                              • BS Theology, University of Portland

                              Sister Carol Higgins, SNJM [carol.higgins@smapdx.org]

                              • BA Religious Studies, Gonzaga University
                              • M. Ed., University of Portland
                              • M. Div. Theology, Marylhurst University
                              • D. Min. Washington Theological Union

                              Randy Kollars, Campus Minister [randy.kollars@smapdx.org]

                              • BS Business Administration /Marketing, California State University at Sacramento
                              • MA Pastoral Studies, Regis University, Denver

                              Margaret (Meg) O'Brien [meg.obrien@smapdx.org]

                              • BA Political Science, Boston College
                              • MAT Education, Lewis & Clark College

                              Maura Timoney '09, Student Service Coordinator [maura.timoney@smapdx.org]

                              • St. Mary's Academy Alumna 
                              • BS International Health, Georgetown University

                              Science Department

                              Maureen Daschel '77, Team Lead [maureen.daschel@smapdx.org]

                              • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                              • BS Science, Oregon State University
                              • MAT Science, Lewis & Clark College
                              • TIES Adviser

                              Cindi Hounton [cindi.hounton@smapdx.org]

                              • BA Chemistry, Portland State University
                              • MA Education, University of New Mexico

                              Nancy Johnston [nancy.johnston@smapdx.org]

                              • BA Biology, Linfield College

                              Julia Stadler [julia.stadler@smapdx.org]

                              • BA Chemistry, Rice University
                              • MS, University of Berkeley
                              • MAT, Pacific University

                              Kirsten Thiel [kirsten.thiel@smapdx.org]

                              • BS Biology, George Fox University
                              • MAT Biology and Secondary Education, George Fox University

                              Molly Marra [molly.marra@smapdx.org]

                              • BS Biology, University of Notre Dame
                              • BS Theology, University of Notre Dame
                              • Ph.D Neuroscience, Oregon Health and Science University

                                Social Science Department

                                Matthew Vannelli, Team Lead [matthew.vannelli@smapdx.org]

                                • BA Environmental Studies, Ecological Anthropology, Binghamton University
                                • MAT Secondary Education, Binghamton University

                                Donald Housley [donald.housley@smapdx.org]

                                • BA History, Portland State University
                                • MST Social Studies, Portland State University

                                Alexis Lund [alexis.lund@smapdx.org]

                                • BA Mathematics, Montana State University

                                Joan Nyland '78 [joan.nyland@smapdx.org]

                                • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                                • BA History, University of Oregon
                                • MA Education, University of Michigan

                                Ian Park [ian.park@smapdx.org]

                                • BS Political Science and Middle East Studies, University of Oregon
                                • MAT Education, Concordia University

                                St. Mary's Academy Staff

                                Office Support

                                Karen Normandin, Assistant to the President [karen.normandin@smapdx.org]

                                • Business Administration, University of Oregon

                                Patricia Thurston, Assistant to the Principal [pat.thurston@smapdx.org]

                                • BS Education, Lewis & Clark College
                                • MAT Education, Lewis & Clark College

                                Mary Goos, School Secretary [mary.goos@smapdx.org]

                                • Kinman Business School, Spokane WA

                                Marissa Campbell, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant [marissa.campbell@smapdx.org]

                                • Photography, CE3P Paris
                                • French, Campus Langues Paris

                                Attendance Secretary

                                Lisa Thompson, Attendance Secretary [lisa.thompson@smapdx.org]

                                • BS Humanities, Western Oregon University

                                Registrar's Office

                                Tamara Allison '87, Registrar [tamara.allison@smapdx.org]

                                Admissions Office

                                  Mary Worlein '09, Admissions Director  [mary.worlein@smapdx.org]

                                  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna 
                                  • BA Social Work, University of Portland 

                                  Annie Diess, Admissions Assistant [annie.diess@smapdx.org]

                                  • BS Business, Santa Clara University


                                  Amandine Brauer-Marzio, Communications Special Projects Associate [amandine.brauer@smapdx.org]

                                  • MA Communications and Events, Lyon Catholic University 
                                  • BA International Relations, Lyon University

                                  Sachie Yorck, Communications Associate [sachie.yorck@smapdx.org]

                                  • BA Journalism, University of Oregon

                                  Emily Niedermeyer Becker '86, Vice President for Development [emily.becker@smapdx.org]

                                  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                                  • BA Politics, Whitman College 

                                  Coralynn Arrigotti '83, Director of Leadership Giving [coralynn.arrigotti@smapdx.org]

                                  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
                                  • BS Communications, Portland State University

                                  Hilary Baker, Director of Special Events [hilary.baker@smapdx.org]

                                  • BS History, Portland State University
                                  • MA Teaching, Lewis and Clark College

                                  Katelyn Callaghan, Director of Alumnae [katelyn.callaghan@smapdx.org]

                                  • BA Merchandising Management, Oregon State University  
                                  • MA Fundraising Management, Columbia University 

                                  Lindsay Frickle, Director of Major Gifts [lindsay.frickle@smapdx.org

                                  • BA Political Science, University of Arizona 
                                  • MA Educational Theater, New York University 

                                  Kendall Murphy, Assistant Director of Development [kendall.murphy@smapdx.org]

                                  • BA Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder

                                  Ronecca Norvell, Director of Annual Giving [ronecca.norvell@smapdx.org]

                                  • BS Psychology, George Fox University

                                  Kathryn Reiner, Assistant Director of Special Events [kat.reiner@smapdx.org]

                                  • BA Communication and Culture, Indiana University in Bloomington

                                  Michael Scott, Development Database Associate [michael.scott@smapdx.org

                                  • BA English, Virginia Commonwealth University 

                                  Finance Office

                                  Rose Bontemps, Chief Financial Officer [rose.bontemps@smapdx.org]

                                  Maintenance Department

                                  Steve Schramm, Plant Manager [steve.schramm@smapdx.org]

                                  Food Services
                                  Elizabeth Eastman [beth.eastman@smapdx.org]

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