Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may be contacted by phone at 503.228.8306 or via email addresses below. You may also send email to webmaster@stmaryspdx.org.  Please address the subject line to the specific person.



St. Mary's Academy Administrative Team


Christina Friedhoff, President [chris.friedhoff@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BS Psychology, Lewis & Clark College

Kelli Clark, Principal [kelli.clark@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA Communications, Washington State University
  • MAT, Lewis & Clark College

Emily Niedermeyer Becker '86, Vice President for Development [emily.becker@stmaryspdx.org]

  • SMA Alumna
  • BA Politics, Whitman College 

Alena Kelly, Assistant Principal of Academics [alena.kelly@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BS Secondary Education, History, University of Portland
  • MST History, Portland State University

Nicole Foran, Assistant Principal of Student Life [nicole.foran@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA English, California State University
  • M.Ed. Portland State University


St. Mary's Academy Faculty

Michele Taylor, Student Activities Director [michele.taylor@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BS Sports Science and Program Management, Colorado State University
  • MA Public Administration, Portland State University


Anna Maria Lopez '78, Athletic Director [annamaria.lopez@stmaryspdx.org]

  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
  • BA Physical Education, University of Southern California
  • MA Teaching, Portland State University
  • 2001 Oregon 4A Athletic Director of the Year
  • 2001 Oregon Athletic Coaches 4A Female Coach of the Year
  • 2003 St. Mary's Academy Award Recipient
  • 2009 Inducted into Oregon Sports Hall of Fame

Falisha Wright, Assistant Athletic Director [falisha.wright@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA Public Administration, San Diego State University

Counseling Department

Meg Bowman, College Counseling Assistant [meg.bowman@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA History & English Literature, University of Washington

Kimberly Crouch, Ph.D., College Counselor [kimberly.crouch@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA, British History, University of the South
  • MA, Modern History, University of Oxford
  • Ph.D., British History, University of Oxford

Ellie Gilbert [ellie.gilbert@stmaryspdx.org]

  • B.S. Secondary Education, Lubbock Christian University
  • M.Ed., Lewis & Clark College 
  • Learning Center Teacher

 Anne Hagge, Counselor [anne.hagge@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BSW, Portland State University
  • MSW, Portland State University

Christine Moller, Learning Center Teacher [chris.moller@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA, German, Math Ed., Purdue University
  • National Honor Society Tutoring Coordinator

 Amy Romm, Counselor [amy.romm@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA Psychology and Elementary Education, University of Pennsylvania
  • MS Ed School Counseling, Muhlenberg College

Allison Spector, Counselor [allison.spector@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA Psychology, Lewis and Clark College
  • BA Hispanic Studies, Lewis and Clark College
  • MA Social Work, Portland State University

English Department

Francesca Englert Cronan '00, Team Lead [francesca.cronan@stmaryspdx.org]

  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
  • BA English, Occidental College
  • M.Ed., Portland State University

Sara Salvi '71 [sara.salvi@stmaryspdx.org]

  • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
  • BA English, University of California Davis
  • Higher Degree, University of Dublin Trinity College
  • MAT English and Spanish, Reed College
  • Faculty Professional Development Coordinator 

Kirk Ellis [kirk.ellis@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BS Theatre Arts, Portland State University
  • MA English, Portland State University
  • M.Ed., Portland State University

Ellie Gilbert [ellie.gilbert@stmaryspdx.org]

  • B.S. Secondary Education, Lubbock Christian University
  • M.Ed., Lewis & Clark College

Anne Hainley  [anne.hainley@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA Liberal Arts, University of Notre Dame
  • M.Ed., University of Notre Dame

Carrie Housley [carrie.housley@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA English, Willamette University
  • MA English, University of Washington

Alyssa Tormala [alyssa.tormala@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA English, University of Utah
  • BA Journalism, University of Utah
  • JD Stanford University
  • M.Ed., Portland State University  
  • SMA Mock Trial Advisor

Mary Maeve Barrett [mary.barrett@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA English, Mansfield University
  • BA Women’s Studies, Mansfield University
  • Education certification, Mansfield University

Ashley Whitty '02 [ashley.whitty@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA English, University of Oregon
  • MAT Secondary Education in English, Lewis and Clark College
  • MA English, Portland State University

Fine Arts Department

Kathy Briggs, Team Lead [kathy.briggs@stmaryspdx.org]

  • MA Music Education, University of St. Thomas
  • BA Music Education, University of Wisconsin
  • Director, Marian Singers

Steve Colley [steve.colley@stmaryspdx.org]

  • BA Art Education, University of Alaska
Kara Girod Shuster [kara.shuster@stmaryspdx.org]
  • BA Dance, Loyola Marymount University 
  • Professional training - ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop and rumba

    Ashley McCullar [ashley.mccullar@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BFA Piano Performance, Carnegie Mellon

    Kathy Mitchell '64 [kathy.mitchell@stmaryspdx.org]

    • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
    • BA Elementary Education, Marylhurst University
    • MAT Art, Lewis & Clark College

    Shannon More [shannon.more@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA, Carroll College
    • MFA Directing, Minnesota State University
    • Theatre Director

    Judy Parker [judy.parker@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Music, Oberlin Conservatory

    World Languages Department

    Dena Stock-Marquez, Team Lead [dena.stock-marquez@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Spanish, Portland State University
    • MAT Spanish, Portland State University

    Maron Faulkner [maron.faulkner@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA French, Colorado College
    • MA French, New York University

    Ben Peterson [ben.peterson@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA English and the Classics, University of Oregon
    • MA Classics, University of Oregon

    Art Rojas [art.rojas@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Spanish, Whitman College

    Marsi Thelin [marsi.thelin@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA French, University of Oregon
    • MA French, University of California, Santa Barbara

    Shannon Sonn [Shannon.sonn@stmaryspdx.org

    • BA English Literature, Georgetown University
    • MA American Studies, Columbia University

    Information Science Department

    Beverly Kiesel, Team Lead [beverly.kiesel@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Business Education, Oregon State University
    • MST Business Education, Portland State University

    Cindy Daniels '71 [cindy.daniels@stmaryspdx.org]

    • SMA Alumna
    • BS Elementary Education, Western Oregon State College
    • MLS Library Science, University of Washington

    Brette Doyle, Technology Director [brette.doyle@stmaryspdx.org]

    • Microsoft Certified Professional
    • I3 Certified Systems Administrator
    • United States Army Veteran

    Michael Bojorquez, Technical Support Specialist [mike.bojorquez@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Social Science, Portland State University
    • Head Coach Cross Country
    • Head Coach Track & Field

    Shawn Daley, Innovation Director [shawn.daley@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA History, Loyola University
    • MAT Secondary Education, George Fox University
    • MA History, Portland State University

    Mathematics Department

    Ellen Tevik, Team Lead [ellen.tevik@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Mathematics, University of Oregon
    • MAT Advanced Math, Oregon State University
    Michael Bedney, Jr. [mike.bedney@stmaryspdx.org]
    • BS Mathematics, Oregon State University
    • MS Mathematics Education, Oregon State University

    Cynthia Berger [cynthia.berger@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Mathematics, Montana State University
    • M.Ed Math Education, Eastern Washington University

    Cynthia Heller [cynthia.heller@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Mathematics, Portland State University

    Brian Kelley [brian.kelley@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Religion, College of William and Mary
    • MAT Mathematics, Concordia University

    Rachel Gardner [rachel.gardner@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Math, Gonzaga University
    • BA Spanish, Gonzaga University
    • MAT Teaching, Concordia University

    Mary Clare Metscher [mary.metscher@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Secondary Education, University of Portland

    Physical Education and Health Department

    Jamie Gabbert, Team Lead [jamie.gabbert@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Physical Education, St. Cloud State University
    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CSCS
    Janet Robertson '80 [janet.robertson@stmaryspdx.org]
    • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
    • BS Health and Physical Education, Gonzaga University
    • M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction, City University

    Carrie Yerton [carrie.yerton@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Kinesiology, Humboldt State University
    • MAT, Concordia University
    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

    Theology Department

    Patty Gorman, Team Lead [patty.gorman@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Religious Studies, Gonzaga University
    • Teaches Introduction to Faith and Religion, and Psychology
    • Model United Nations advisor

    Maria Fleming '83 [maria.fleming@stmaryspdx.org]

    • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
    • BA Spanish Language and Literature, Santa Clara University
    • M.Div., University of Notre Dame
    • M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction Methods, Concordia University

    James Haster [jim.haster@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Theology, Creighton University
    • MA Theological Studies, University of New York
    • M.Th Theology, University of New York

    Daniel Hemmen [daniel.hemmen@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Theology, University of Portland

    Sister Carol Higgins, SNJM [carol.higgins@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Religious Studies, Gonzaga University
    • M. Ed., University of Portland
    • M. Div. Theology, Marylhurst University
    • D. Min. Washington Theological Union

    Randy Kollars, Campus Minister [randy.kollars@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Business Administration /Marketing, California State University at Sacramento
    • MA Pastoral Studies, Regis University, Denver

    Margaret (Meg) O'Brien [meg.obrien@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Political Science, Boston College
    • MAT Education, Lewis & Clark College

    Maura Timoney '09, Student Service Coordinator [maura.timoney@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS International Health, Georgetown University

    Science Department

    Maureen Daschel '77, Team Lead [maureen.daschel@stmaryspdx.org]

    • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
    • BS Science, Oregon State University
    • MAT Science, Lewis & Clark College
    • TIES Adviser

    Cindi Hounton [cindi.hounton@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Chemistry, Portland State University
    • MA Education, University of New Mexico

    Nancy Johnston [nancy.johnston@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Biology, Linfield College

    Julia Stadler [julia.stadler@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Chemistry, Rice University
    • MS, University of Berkeley
    • MAT, Pacific University

    Kirsten Thiel [kirsten.thiel@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Biology, George Fox University
    • MAT Biology and Secondary Education, George Fox University

    Molly Marra [molly.marra@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Biology, University of Notre Dame
    • BS Theology, University of Notre Dame
    • Ph.D Neuroscience, Oregon Health and Science University

    Social Science Department

    Matthew Vannelli, Team Lead [matthew.vannelli@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Environmental Studies, Ecological Anthropology, Binghamton University
    • MAT Secondary Education, Binghamton University

    Donald Housley [donald.housley@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA History, Portland State University
    • MST Social Studies, Portland State University

    Alexis Lund [alexis.lund@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Mathematics, Montana State University

    Joan Nyland '78 [joan.nyland@stmaryspdx.org]

    • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
    • BA History, University of Oregon
    • MA Education, University of Michigan

    Ian Park [ian.park@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Political Science and Middle East Studies, University of Oregon
    • MAT Education, Concordia University

    St. Mary's Academy Staff

    Office Support

    Karen Normandin, Assistant to the President [karen.normandin@stmaryspdx.org]

    • Business Administration, University of Oregon

    Patricia Thurston, Assistant to the Principal [pat.thurston@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Education, Lewis & Clark College
    • MAT Education, Lewis & Clark College

    Mary Goos, School Secretary [mary.goos@stmaryspdx.org]

    • Kinman Business School, Spokane WA

    Mary Worlein '09, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant  [mary.worlein@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Social Work, University of Portland 

    Attendance Secretary

    Lisa Thompson, Attendance Secretary [lisa.thompson@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Humanities, Western Oregon University

    Registrar's Office

    Tamara Allison '87, Registrar [tamara.allison@stmaryspdx.org]

    Admissions Office

    Cassady Kennebeck '01, Admissions Associate and Summer Program Coordinator [cassady.kennebeck@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS General Science, Oregon State University
    • MAT Education, University of Portland

    Communications Department

    Sarah Fridovich, Director of Communications [sarah.fridovich@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Communication Studies, University of Puget Sound 

    Amandine Brauer-Marzio, Communications Special Projects Associate [amandine.brauer@stmaryspdx.org]

    • MA Communications and Events, Lyon Catholic University 
    • BA International Relations, Lyon University

    Sachie Yorck, Communications Associate [sachie.yorck@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Journalism, University of Oregon

    Emily Niedermeyer Becker '86, Vice President for Development [emily.becker@stmaryspdx.org]

    • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
    • BA Politics, Whitman College 

    Coralynn Arrigotti '83, Director of Leadership Giving [coralynn.arrigotti@stmaryspdx.org]

    • St. Mary's Academy Alumna
    • BS Communications, Portland State University

    Hilary Baker, Director of Special Events [hilary.baker@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS History, Portland State University
    • MA Teaching, Lewis and Clark College

    Katelyn Callaghan, Director of Alumnae [katelyn.callaghan@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Merchandising Management, Oregon State University  
    • MA Fundraising Management, Columbia University 

    Lindsay Krause, Director of Major Gifts [lindsay.krause@stmaryspdx.org

    • BA Political Science, University of Arizona 
    • MA Educational Theater, New York University 

    Kendall Murphy, Assistant Director of Development [kendall.murphy@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder

    Ronecca Norvell, Director of Annual Giving [ronecca.norvell@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BS Psychology, George Fox University

    Kathryn Reiner, Assistant Director of Special Events [kathryn.reiner@stmaryspdx.org]

    • BA Communication and Culture, Indiana University in Bloomington

    Michael Scott, Development Database Associate [michael.scott@stmaryspdx.org

    • BA English, Virginia Commonwealth University 

    Finance Office

    Rose Bontemps, Chief Financial Officer [rose.bontemps@stmaryspdx.org]

    Maintenance Department

    Steve Schramm, Plant Manager [steve.schramm@stmaryspdx.org]

    Food Services
    Elizabeth Eastman [beth.eastman@stmaryspdx.org]

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